Supporting someone suffering from depression

Someone you care about is depressed and you’re stuck in analysis paralysis because:

you don’t know what to do as you have never had to deal with someone who is depressed.


you think: “I’ll just ghost her/him until they get better”


You attempt to cheer them up because you assume it’s just temporary sadness and this person is too phenomenal to be depressed and you can fix it.


There is plenty of information out there that could help you to figure out how best to support your depressed loved one. There are some things you should stop doing because it perpetuates stigma and with depression predicted to be the number one disease by 2020, it’s about time we educate ourselves about what we can do and…


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Death, depression and reckless spending – why I spend instead of save during national savings month

For 11 out of the 12 months of the year I am disciplined and very obsessive compulsive with how I spend money. In fact it’s more like how much of my money can I save?! But in one particular month, I spend and I spend erratically. You would think that month would be December, for me it is July.

Yep, in South Africa’s national savings month I spend I do not save.

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Dealing with depression – how I just get through life

Life will be good, it will be really good. I am happy and things seem to be going well. Then out of nowhere I just drop. Emotions fill me up like cement. My heart hardens and my body feels like a stump too dense to move.

I am just overwhelmed by sadness. I feel nothing and everything at the same time. Daylight burns bright but will be in a place of complete darkness.
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