Naar with Seminars

It’s the last day of the new year new me crap and I would like to declare my new year’s resolution for 2019: to attend fewer seminars. Having attended at least one seminar approximately each quarter last year I am officially NAAR with seminars.

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Supporting someone suffering from depression

Someone you care about is depressed and you’re stuck in analysis paralysis because:

you don’t know what to do as you have never had to deal with someone who is depressed.


you think: “I’ll just ghost her/him until they get better”


You attempt to cheer them up because you assume it’s just temporary sadness and this person is too phenomenal to be depressed and you can fix it.


There is plenty of information out there that could help you to figure out how best to support your depressed loved one. There are some things you should stop doing because it perpetuates stigma and with depression predicted to be the number one disease by 2020, it’s about time we educate ourselves about what we can do and…


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A birthday celebration for one

“You spent your birthday alone? That’s so sad…”

I burst out laughing, who exactly is it sad for? Surely not me!

My 28th birthday happened this past week and it had to be one of the best birthdays I’ve had in a long time. I had been toying with the idea of spending my birthday alone for about two years but I would constantly back out because I was either too scared or my friends and family would guilt trip me out of it.

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Death, depression and reckless spending – why I spend instead of save during national savings month

For 11 out of the 12 months of the year I am disciplined and very obsessive compulsive with how I spend money. In fact it’s more like how much of my money can I save?! But in one particular month, I spend and I spend erratically. You would think that month would be December, for me it is July.

Yep, in South Africa’s national savings month I spend I do not save.

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Guidelines to help women survive the FIFA World Cup.

It’s here. No, not Friday the 13th but Thursday the 14th and the TORTUREment, I mean tournament is starting – the FIFA World Cup.

Football loving men have put in their requests for relationship leniency in terms of regular boyfriend and husband duties. And the only love we’ll be getting this football month will be from Russia.

But there is no reason why we can’t still have #RelationshipGoals and soccer goals at the same time. I have set guidelines of my own for football loving men to use on their WAGs:

#1. As long as there is wine I will not have a reason to say a word.

Where there is wine there is no room for words like “It’s just a game!” So make sure that rack is stacked!

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Five reasons to watch Five Fingers for Marseilles

An African-Western Movie Review.

The disappointing ticket sale statistics for Five Fingers for Marseilles compelled me to write this post.  I could tell you that the movie is good, bleeping brilliant, but “good” isn’t going to make you want to get off your couch and spend money and time to see it!

It’s good, good how? Why?

The reasoning behind the raving reviews must be unpacked so that people are given something to rally behind.

So here we go reasons why you should watch Five Fingers for Marseilles:

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Travelling solo for the first time

“Oh God, what if I get kidnapped?” This was one of the many excuses I conjured up to put me off going on a MEcation for almost a year. To be honest it was more like I chickened out every time and forced someone else to go with me.
It’s ironic, for the recluse person I am the idea of travelling by myself terrified me. I couldn’t fathom the thought of entertaining myself outside the comfort of home.
But, after I had one vacation cancelled on me, an imminent one with unconfirmed dates and another which was too far away, my patience ran out!
I was temperamental and just plain antsy with anyone dare even breathe the same air I did. My tolerance for human beings was down to almost zero.  I called a timeout! 

Avoiding car buyer’s remorse

Five things you need to consider before buying a vehicle.

I don’t like parting with money. Call it being stingy, a cheapskate, whatever.

I don’t like spending money in fact, saving money gives me a high like I’ve just snorted up a line of cocaine. Not that I’ve ever done cocaine, this is an analogy, I don’t do drugs!

In 2016 when I bought my first car it actually took me a while to do it. My parents had bought me a spitlana (city car) back in 2012 with about
70 000 km on it and she ran quite well.

It’s different though, being given a car versus buying your own and while writing this post I came across an Owners Satisfaction Survey by Consumer Report who surveyed people who owned cars modelled in 2014 – 2017.
In the survey they asked the car buyers:

“All things considered would you buy the same car again?”

Most respondents in the survey said yes BUT about 30% said “no”. Continue reading “Avoiding car buyer’s remorse”

What to wear to the Black Panther movie.

I saw a tweet last week where someone asked if we are wearing traditional attire to the airing of the Black Panther movie in SA cinemas. Another person replied, no. I was so shocked.

Before I get carried away in a rant, I want to briefly discuss why I think this movie is so important.

There are very few superhero movies that I have watched in my lifetime. The ones that come to mind are the Avengers and Batman.  I don’t watch superhero movies often I like my superheroes to have a more human element to them, something that is attainable as an everyday citizen of the world. So I opted for movies like The Hunger Games instead. The Black Panther movie is about more than a hero saving the day.  Continue reading “What to wear to the Black Panther movie.”