I will NOT follow, subscribe let alone like

Truth be told, I am ghost follower. On Instagram, twitter, and youtube, I religiously view people’s pages and I consciously don’t commit nor do I purposefully interact with their content. 


It’s ironic, I know, because I am a blogger. I ought to be sending out the same energy into the universe that I would like to receive. Blah, blah if we’re going to be realistic, ghost followers aren’t going anywhere and here is why:


I’m still not convinced 

Call them to action (comment, like, follow me etc.), that is what influencers are told to tell their followers. Clearly you haven’t met a hardass ghost follower like me. Sure, the content you’re producing may be good and intriguing enough to keep me coming back. But if I haven’t said to myself: “yes, this speaks to my soul”, I will not commit to it.


It’s a temporary fix

To balance perspectives a bit I’ll admit there are channels and sites that I’m subscribed to that I don’t visit anymore. The site was good for me for a season. Now I don’t even look at said site anymore because I’ve moved on from that season. Yet, I am still follow probably because I haven’t gotten around to the admin of decluttering the content I don’t need. 


My email is full!

2 367 emails unread. If I commit to your content and you suddenly start flooding my inbox with unsolicited information, I will be livid. There was a particular aspect of your content that appealed to me and if you choose to guerrilla market my email address I will unsubscribe with the same vigour that I did when I subscribed. Considering how long it took me to make a commitment, I wouldn’t risk losing your numbers by injecting me with information I didn’t ask for. 


Majority isn’t ruling

For the most, the content you’re creating isn’t appealing to my major needs. I may be ghost following to feed one cameo aspect of my life. In other words, what your producing is a nice distraction from core information I want. 


I want control 

Like I said, perhaps the content you’re producing only appeals to a particular aspect of my life and I’d like to control the information I feed into that aspect. 

I have a good memory, I don’t need to notifications to go to your site and I will visit it on my own accord. If I need to binge watch or read all the content I’ve missed over a weekend, so be it. That’s the craving I need to feed at that particular time. 


Digital influencers are on the rise and from what I’ve seen and read, as much as you want to make a name for yourself through consistency people are looking for authenticity. If I get a whiff of business-y like content as an ordinary content consumer, I am out. Now should that mean that you lose followers as fast as you gain them, so be it. Eventually, something will prompt me to make an honest influencer out of you ;). 


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