Naar with Seminars

It’s the last day of the new year new me crap and I would like to declare my new year’s resolution for 2019: to attend fewer seminars. Having attended at least one seminar approximately each quarter last year I am officially NAAR with seminars.

(Naar: An Afrikaans word which means sick, bad, miserable etc.)

I am not a seminar junkie. In fact I am frustrated with how seminars are now, perhaps mistakenly or unintentionally, disguised as motivational talks – adult pep rallies for work, life and all its complexities. A seminar is supposed to be a meeting where you receive information and training in a particular subject. So, andizi (I’m not going) if your seminar even whiffs of the following traits:

A crowd puller

I get it, the more numbers at a seminar the better the speakers (trainers), the more sponsorships etc. But if I will not get one-on-one interaction I will be watching online, thanks. I am not interested in a quick fix but want specific solutions tailored to my specific problems. I cannot get that in a crowd of thousands.

All day or an evening event

Attending a seminar only works if you actually implement what you have been taught. I don’t want to get home too drained or too late to do any homework.
Saturday morning seminars are the worst, I’m sorry the temptation to have drinks afterwards is too great and will not yield productivity.
(Also, if there is no homework was it really a seminar?!)

Too much hype

“Oh so and so is speaking, I am going to attend while you are sleeping”. You know says this? The bourgeois of seminar attendees. These are the same type pf people who post pictures with celebrities but don’t actually engage past that forgettable interaction. How does that help you?
Speakers nowadays recycle their talks and I will not pay hundreds maybe even thousands of Rands for an environmentally friendly hype session. I will only be attending seminars based on my skill need, not because it looks good to be there.

It’s not the one

Seminars are jam packed with information. If I cannot find a topic on your programme that is going to answer or teach me at least one thing that I deem important, it’s not for me. That being said, if a programme isn’t submitted before the actual event it is a deal breaker.


So this year I will be spending my time and probably my money on feeding my brain not fooling it into thinking that I am serious and achieving something and then trying to soothe that guilt by attending more seminars.

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