How to style glitter sock boots

When I first received these boots I was horrified. Sock boots! For my chicken legs! And not just any sock boots, GLITTER SOCK BOOTS!! So not only are we highlighting one of my insecurities but we are making them the centre of attraction. Great.

If it were up to me and my conservative and introvert self I would have scrolled right passed these boots on the catalogue. They are NOT me. In fact they sat in my closet for a good few months because I just couldn’t figure out how to wear them. Nor did I have the courage to.

That was until Kim Kardashian West’s posted those images in those Yeezy sock boots – creativity was sparked!

Being the frugal person that I am, refused to buy new clothes to match these boots. What I have in my closet was going to have to be sufficient. To be quite honest, I took finding an outfit for these boots as a challenge. And I am not one to shy away from a challenge. So even though they are not my style, I wear these shoes because they are stylish.

Here we go, four fabulous looks for my chicken legs magnifiers.

Channeling Kim K

As much as I would’ve have loved to wear a track pants and a bralette, I have a job where I go to an office full of professionals everyday. Wearing something like that would be impractical never mind inappropriate. So I improvised.

Instead of attracting attention with my stomach all out I decided to attract attention with colour.

For my first ensemble I paired a bright yellow top with track pants. This top is actually a blouse and it covers the shoulders but I refuse to wear at such (outside the office that is).

A schoolgirl look

For the second look, I drew inspiration from Yara Shahidi who plays Zoey on the show Grown-ish and Alicia Silverstone who plays Cher on Clueless.

The skirt I wore is actually uniform that I wore in high school, specifically for netball. Yes, that skirt is over 10 years old. Surely for a millennial that qualifies as vintage?!

A rocker princess

Outfit options would not be complete without a dress look. For me and my chicken legs wearing sock boots with an A-line flowing dress or skirt diverts attention from my lack of calf muscles.

Covered up

Finally, if all else fails one could simple cover up the sock part of the boot with a pair of jeans. You’ll still get the glitz and glam of the boots but more understated.

I must say, when I took up the challenge of trying to style these boots I started to fall in love with them. Yes they highlight my skinny legs but hey fashion is for all bodies, you must just find a look that works for you.

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