Avoiding car buyer’s remorse

Five things you need to consider before buying a vehicle.

I don’t like parting with money. Call it being stingy, a cheapskate, whatever.

I don’t like spending money in fact, saving money gives me a high like I’ve just snorted up a line of cocaine. Not that I’ve ever done cocaine, this is an analogy, I don’t do drugs!

In 2016 when I bought my first car it actually took me a while to do it. My parents had bought me a spitlana (city car) back in 2012 with about
70 000 km on it and she ran quite well.

It’s different though, being given a car versus buying your own and while writing this post I came across an Owners Satisfaction Survey by Consumer Report who surveyed people who owned cars modelled in 2014 – 2017.
In the survey they asked the car buyers:

“All things considered would you buy the same car again?”

Most respondents in the survey said yes BUT about 30% said “no”. Continue reading “Avoiding car buyer’s remorse”