What to wear to the Black Panther movie.

I saw a tweet last week where someone asked if we are wearing traditional attire to the airing of the Black Panther movie in SA cinemas. Another person replied, no. I was so shocked.

Before I get carried away in a rant, I want to briefly discuss why I think this movie is so important.

There are very few superhero movies that I have watched in my lifetime. The ones that come to mind are the Avengers and Batman.  I don’t watch superhero movies often I like my superheroes to have a more human element to them, something that is attainable as an everyday citizen of the world. So I opted for movies like The Hunger Games instead. The Black Panther movie is about more than a hero saving the day.  Continue reading “What to wear to the Black Panther movie.”

An overthinker taking a risk

I caught myself saying something I think is a little profound the other day.  Someone asked me if I wasn’t scared to take the risk I’m  about to take?

I said: “I’ve been playing it safe for so many years and it has only gotten me this far, which is not where I thought I would be.  I am scared, terrified to be exact. But, I have planned for the worst and I am not waiting anymore.”

“The risk is not in doing something that feels risky. The risk is in not doing something that feels risky.” – Andy Dunn.

I missed my office job – the labour of project work

Office jobs are boring they said. Get a job where you get to travel they said.

Whoever sold this dream about work travel being anything remotely close to leisure travel, may I please have a refund!!

After two weeks of being away from my office, commuting back and forth between Pretoria and Johannesburg, I have a new appreciation for my desk job. There are no words adequate enough to explain my exhaustion.

Never again will I take my office job for granted. I missed sitting down and a few other simple pleasures. So all those job seekers who want a job that requires you to travel, consider the following:

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