I wrote and it’s painful

 My right intentions went wrong when it came to my fast. I didn’t get the job, not even an interview. My heart sank and then I realised – this position is not meant for me and what did God do, He confirmed it!

On the last day of my fast I watched a spirit-shifting sermon by T.D. Jakes called:

“When you have divine favor, God will pay you for what you would do for free!”

I could have sworn the Bishop was preparing for this disappointment. The disappointment from the excitement of what I had in mind versus what happened. I was disappointed… Am I still disappointed? I processed the emotions for a while and what I know now, for certain, though is that I am at peace.

Source: Old soul of mine

Was the fast a failure?

Absolutely not! I learnt that maybe I am at peace because I am trying panel beat my talent into a passion. I was comfortable doing what I do every day, it was familiar and this opportunity would have done nothing but increase the territory of my comfort and familiarity. I didn’t want this normal.


Normal is painful, especially when you want extraordinary.


So I wrote

For as long as I can remember I have referred to myself as a writer, but what did I write? Nothing! An entire blog exists and it’s blank. (That’s a lie, there are some posts but not for a few years.)

What kind of writer doesn’t write? One who knows the torment

of the process.

Source: Freedom With Writing

Writing is hard. It chips at my soul with every article and strips me bare. Oh, and let’s not forget self-doubt that looks at those pieces and hammers them into mush with questions like:

“What if I am not a good a writer? What if no one reads my work?”

I wrote because of this one statement:

“If you are going to become a writer, you have to write, even if it sucks, even if no one reads it, just write – Cheryl Strayed.”

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