It went wrong and I’m writing about it, a prelude!

There was this job, “the dream job” that I applied for earlier this year. So months go by, no word {no it was not a government position, where waiting month(s) for feedback is expected}. This job was everything I could ever ask for:

♦ Global attractive employer 

Real growth opportunity √

♦ Higher salary, more benefits √√

I would be doing exactly what I am doing now but on a much larger scale, MUCH LARGER.

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See, I’m in that “I’m bored” stage of my career and this seemed to be the excitement I was looking for and it was a challenge, I like those.

I met with the recruiter who told me that before I could have my dream job I would need to write a test. Sure, that’s not unconventional in my line of work. But, no this would not be a normal capability test it was critical thinking.

O…k…a…y… Let’s try not to panic. How do I control the panic? Practise, practise every critical thinking test I could get my hands on.

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I scheduled the time and I wrote the test.

During this entire process, I had psyched myself up. I wanted this, badly.  So I decided I was going to fast. This job was the hero that was going to rescue me out of my professional slump. (Yes, I put that kind of pressure on it, it was my hero.) Going on a fast would help me keep my sanity while I waited for the results.

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Full Disclosure: I am a believer. My relationship with God at the moment is complicated, but it is there. (All perfect Christians, kindly have a seat on the pews before you judge me.) Anyway, I planned my fast; bookmarked the sermon videos to match my prayer request, bought a notebook to write down all my lessons, the works.

Faith + Action (practising the test) = Sealed Deal, surely!?

This job would be mine, I am doing everything right and my intentions are good… And then it all went wrong, and now I’m writing about it.

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